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About us

Responsible, safe and good driving is an obligation for everyone on the road. Let’s share this serious part with Smart Drive. Our company has great experience in providing professional chauffeurs in U.A.E


Our companies vision is to help UAE’s roads a more safe and accessible road. Also to see our customers satisfied with the services that the company is providing.


The United Arab Emirates have an extensive and very well developed road network. We all know that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the busiest cities in UAE; Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the business capital of UAE. We operate across UAE with Dubai head office and our branch office at Abu Dhabi. Our Company is built to help everyone who does not have enough time and condition to drive their own car across UAE. Our company's mission is to make our customers life hassle-free. We provide smart and professional drivers to take our valued customers to their destinations safely. We also wanted a safer ride for our customers who are exhausted and without driving conditions.